About Marchland Park

The population of London is 8.31 million. – Or is it?
Look at the city you live in differently and you will find that there are so many more creatures living here. So many more living and breathing things fighting for room and light and air. London is not just a ‘city of man’, it is a city of trees and flowers, of birds and insects, of crawling and running and flying things. We like to believe that the city belongs to the humans. We like to write a history of building and landscaping, of axes and hammers and yardsticks. But there has always been a history of roots and leaves and feathers and fur, of fangs and claws and fins.
London is a shared space, an in between, a marchland.
That’s what Marchland Park is about.This website is the documentation of a poetic journey into one of London’s local natural reserves. The project retraces the route and history of the Parkland Walk in the North London borough of Haringey. Originally the site of a railroad through Crouch End, Highgate to Muswell Hill and Alexandra Palace which was closed in 1970, the site was turned into a public park in 1989. In a series of sound recordings and poetic explorations of this place, it intends to uncover some of the hidden aspects of life in London.
These explorations will ultimately result in the creation of an alternative audio guide for the Parkland Walk which will be published here.
Marchland Park is a guided tour of the marchland, a trip into the unseen, unheard, unexpected.

Just follow me.

For more information about previous poetic projects of mine, please visit: www.thisisavirtualspace.co.uk

The project was developed as part of my MA in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway.