the drift

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the drift

of particles in motion

of hunting coastlines

of the thermal zonda

of vertical dust


the ripples

of air

of gods

of varying surface

of mass trajectory

of temperature leads


the flow

of leaves in pursuit

of spiralling dancing

of onshore

of off-site

of newspaper erosion

of westerly hearts


the ruffle

of outflow

of oceanic vectors

of water blows

of pivot theory

of radioactivity

of sandblast

of daytime dunes


the change

of feathers

of skin friction

of power valley windmills

of development

of earth winds

of regional cycles of worsen

of high tech fine-grain

or dust land lows


the roll

of horizontal headwinds

of moist patterns on airfields

of compasses soldiers

of pausing daffodils

of gradient landings

of tropical currencies

of deflation

of radar

of dispersed relative seeds


the stir

of surrounding same level

of solar indifference

of wildfire velocity

of loose topsoil sun ridge

of pole-ward geostrophy

of migration

of tree tops

of covers of kite children

of graceful fern bows

of breathe

a slippery start

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a slippery start

four days into the new year

i watch my steps into the slippery

i start my steps from the slippery

from the mud and the dirt

from the swamp

the primordial soup of common


into the slippery



like the runners hoping

to transcend and yet


gravity’s serf

four days into the new year



a slippery start

from the dark

from the dirty

from the muddy

from the monsters



to a slippery

to a spot

to four days into the darkness

out of the primordial soup of common



not descending nor returning

transcending monsters

out of the swamp



a slippery start

a primordial slippery

out of the swamp

into the spot

into the soup

into the common sucking

heaving breathing licking spitting

mouth and lungs

the soft clay tissue

of glistering monsters


for days into the mud and the dirt

into the puddles



following up and down the path of 4.5 billion years



a slippery start

from the common

from the soft tissue

from the muddy moisture

the monsters



years into the new soup

a primordial slippery

in the spot

of runners and monsters

heaving and breathing and mouthing

not transcending

the soft

the moisture

dirt days into the glistering clay



a slippery start

from the running

the stepping into

mudding and dirting

organic matter in motion

of glistering monster

for days of soft heaving

the moisture primordial




the soil soup of tissue

from darkness reborn

into the gravity

into the common

the running from clay



a slippery start

for the runners and monsters



stepping and following

a path untrodden

for years into new years

into soft spots

into glistering


out of the common


of gravity’s motion


yet remaining

breathing clay


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